My Story

My name is Rob, when I was a kid I was a very frustrated golfer. I couldn’t get to grips with the complex techniques, the subtle changes required to improve the swing and the fact that being the best didn’t just mean hitting it as hard as you can.

I used to lose a lot of balls, throw a few clubs and maybe even shed a few tears (don’t tell anyone I said that). So after years of not seeing much of an improvement, I put the clubs into storage and decided it wasn’t for me.

10 years later, on a sunny day, I was walking past the local golf club. I stopped to watch a group of 3 men waiting to tee off. They had shiny clubs in their hands and all the gear to match. These guys had to be good I thought.

The first of the men put the ball on the tee, lined up his feet, tested the wind and took a deep breath. Back came the driver and then an almighty swing. I looked in the air expecting to see the ball sailing off towards the horizon. But it was nowhere to be seen. I looked back down to see the ball skimming along the ground, eventually coming to a halt about 30 yards from the tee. This was immediately followed by (my old trademark) the club throw and angry grunt.

It must have been bad luck. The second man was surely much better. Again he put the ball down, lined up his feet and looked up and down about 5 times. Smash! The ball slices straight off to the right almost decapitating a woman on the 1st tee. The third man topped his ball into the water hazard and the fourth I’ve wiped from memory, as it was so bad.

This was a bit of a eureka moment. So it wasn’t just the younger me who sliced the ball! It wasn’t just me who topped it and shouted angrily. Even these grown men with all the new gear were still finding this game just as frustrating.

The idea behind ‘Anybody Golf’

So I decided I would try again. Except this time I am going to do it properly, no cutting corners. I’ve therefore made it my mission to research everything I can, so I can master this frustrating game once and for all. When I was younger I had the odd tip or trick but never any in-depth guides. And as for equipment, I would just buy the coolest looking thing or inherit an old club from a relative. I had no idea a simple change of club or ball could improve your game!

So I’ve decided to document my research here and whilst doing so pass my knowledge onto you. So hopefully by the end of this journey and with this guidance, anybody will be able to play golf!



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