Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Golf Deals 2017 (Updated Daily)

black friday golf deals 2017
Featured Image Courtesy of Ben Dalton (Flickr) CC2.0


It’s Black Friday this week as you have probably guessed from the endless adverts, billboards, and annoying emails you’ve been receiving. Well, as infuriating as all this marketing is, there are actually some great golf deals to be had. The timing of the holiday, coinciding with the usual winter drop in golf sales when everyone stops playing as much, means there are often even reductions to reductions.

It’s a bit confusing trying to sift through all the countless deals on various websites and stores and by the time you have it will probably be Saturday and you may have missed out! So here I have listed a few of the top deals I have discovered across the internet. So take a look at these Black Friday golf deals and see what you think.

Many of these deals are available all week so you may not have to wait until Friday to get your credit card out.

PS: I will be updating this with any more deals I spot. If you spot any leave a comment and I will add it on to the list!


Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder (PGA Tour Superstore)

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2017 deal: $149.98 (Save 25%)


One of the best rangefinders on the market is available for just $150 at PGA Tour Superstore. That’s a 25% saving and its still on now.

There are lots of rangefinders to choose from, starting quite cheap and ending up very expensive! The Nikon Coolshot 20 though has to be one of the best value rangefinders around.

For the price, it calculates distance extremely quickly. It’s very simple to use and isn’t likely to confuse with extra buttons and add-ons that many of the top end rangefinders have. It is as simple as putting it to the eye, aiming it at the flag and pressing the button. Ideal for beginners or anyone who isn’t that bothered by fancy tech.

If you have been after a rangefinder but think it is a bit of a luxury here is your chance to buy yourself an early Christmas present. this has to be one of the top Black Friday golf deals of 2017.

Check it out!

Callaway 2017 Chrome Soft X Golf Balls (One Dozen) (

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2017 deal: 20% off


The golf balls I am currently using so I am a bit biased on this one but if you are a fan of soft balls then this is a great deal! I would say these are up there with the Titleist V1s that everyone seems to love.

Callaway boasts that this ball has longer carry and distance with a lower ‘piercing’ flight. The advanced Tri-ionomer(TM) mantle (you know I love golf tech jargon crap!) helps regulate the spin for each club, apparently giving less spin from long irons and more from the short irons and wedges. The fact they are soft feel balls means they have a very nice feel when around the green too.

Great balance, feel and distance are all achieved with this ball. They are already cheaper than many balls on the market so with a Black Friday deal on top this is a steal!

The deal like most on Amazon is on all week including cyber Monday.

Check it out!

Callaway Hex Bite Golf Balls (

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2017 deal: 28% off LIMITED AVAILABILITY

Callaway are piling the deals onto this black Friday! Just as I reported the above deal they have now added an even better deal on the Hex Bite balls.

So named as they are supposed to ‘bite’ and ‘grip’ onto the green giving the player maximum control. However this doesn’t come at the cost of your drive as Callaway boast the ‘high-resilience’ core ensures longer and straighter drives.

Check it out!

Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch (Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2017 deal: $129.95 (35% off)


We hear a rumor that Dicks Sporting Goods are knocking up to $150 off Garmin electronics which includes their top of the range GPS golf watches! One of the best choices is the Garmin S20. The deals go live at 6 pm Thursday night.

Turn the watch on and it will immediately know which course you are at using GPS. It loads quickly every time which is great. It will track your distance as you walk down the fairway allowing you to keep an eye on the yardage counting down so you can get the right club ready for the next shot.

As with most of the watches these days it will connect to your smartphone for extra stats for you to analyze back in the clubhouse. The battery life is awesome too, easily lasting 3 rounds before you need to recharge.

It weirdly doesn’t have a touchscreen which is a slightly annoying thing to get used to, especially these days when we all automatically assume everything digital can be touched or swiped.

Check out the video below from Garmin that looks like some kind of look into the golfing future.

Check it out!

SKLZ Accelerator Pro – Indoor Putting Green With Ball Return (

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2017 deal: 25% off


Winter is well and truly here and the chances of you or I making it outside to the putting green are slim to none! In fact, the liklihood is it may not even be possible under 6 inches of snow.

Luckily you can still putt away all winter long with an indoor putting green for the price of less than a hot meal for a family of four. And let’s be honest your short game is more important than food any day.

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro has a very exciting name for what is effectively a piece of green carpet with a hole in the end, however it boasts all the features you will ever need in a putting mat.

  • It has ball return so you don’t have to keep pacing back and forth in your living room annoying everyone by blocking the TV.
  • It has a nice little upslope at the end for a bit of ‘realism’ (for all those greens where you get a sudden hill right before the hole….). The surface is also meant to simulate a real green as closely as is possible.
  • It measures 9 feet by 16 inches and folds away nice and small.

As with the other Amazon deals, this Black Friday golf deal will be around all week including cyber Monday.

Check it out!


Callaway Drivers (

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2017 deal: 30% off using code 30BF17 all weekend!


I’ve already had a Callaway product but I assure you I am not on Callaway commission, there just seems to be some good Black Friday deals with this brand.

Over at, you can get up to a whopping 50% off using the code DRIVERS17 at checkout. So that is an additional discount on the already discounted price you get from buying pre-owned!

Callaway makes some of the best drivers in the world including the very popular Big Bertha. At the top of the range is the Big Bertha Epic.

The Epic has ‘Jailbreak’ technology (yay fun jargon) which is an attempt from Callaway to get rid of a vibration that takes place making the top and bottom of the club weaker. They have done this by connecting the top of the club face to the bottom using two bars located within the club head.

Although I have never bought from this store the comments on the website seem to suggest the condition of these pre-owned clubs is often as good as new! I guess this reflects how often many people switch clubs these days at the slightest sign of inconsistency!

Check out the review below from Golf Box Reviews for more details

Check it out!


ESP Disc Golf Set – 3 Disc Set – PDGA Tournament Certified (

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday 2017 deal: 35% off! 


Ok so not strictly golf but still a lot of fun! If you need a bit of time away from the traditional game that is giving you frustration then disc golf is a great way to get that golf fix and have a break.

I may write an article on disc golf at some point and go into a bit more detail. But in quick summary, you get three different weighted discs which represent the golf clubs. You get a ‘driver’ disc, a ‘mid-range’ disc and a ‘putter’ disc, as you might guess the different weights make them fly different distances.

I find it is a great way to introduce friends to golf without the complexity and often overwhelming nature of the full game.

  • You can take friends around the course, introduce them to the different features (tees, fairways, greens etc).
  • Introduce the concept of different types of club (using the different types of disc)
  • And just showing them the beauty of being in the outdoors strolling around beautiful surroundings!

Amazon has a set that is currently reduced and certified by the Professional Disk Golf Association (PDGA)!

Check it out!

25% off Apparel at PGA Tour Superstore!


Just as essential as having the right equipment is having the right apparel and looking the part. It’s widely believed that if you feel great in what you are wearing this can put you in the right frame and mind and give you the extra confidence to hit the fairway or hole that putt!

This Black Friday weekend PGA tour superstore is having 25% off clearance apparel. So this is clearance apparel that was already reduced, and now its another 25% off!

This has lead to some serious bargains.

And loads more…

Check it out!