3 Best Golf Practice Nets. Bring the driving range to your home!

izzo practice net

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One of the great things about using a golf practice net at home is you can really use it as a time to improve your game considerably. You can make adjustments to your stance or your swing without worrying about running out of range balls, or making a fool of yourself! In my previous article, we saw just how adjustable many drivers can be. You can use this time at home with your practice net to make those changes and see what feels good.

What is a golf practice net?

I guess this is pretty self-explanatory but a practice net is a big net you can put up in your garden, or wherever is convenient! It will mean you can hit that ball as hard as you can and thanks to the net you won’t have to pay for a new window and counseling for Mrs Smith next door.

How much should I spend to get the best golf practice net for home?

Figuring out how much to spend on the best home golf practice nets in your budget can be tricky. There really are quite a few options out there now as people opt for golf practice nets for home as a way to get even more hitting time in away from the course and driving range. There is anything from the heavy duty nets you see at some golf clubs which are at the high end. These types of net are designed to take a lot of wear and tear and to stop balls on all sides, this is reflected in the price and is beyond what most people would require in their garden.

If you are like me you may want to shed out a little more for a golf practice net for your home that automatically returns the ball to your feet. You will pay slightly more for this privilege but every second saved is more time to perfect that drive.

You can also get golf practice nets for home with built-in extras which can be pretty fun. Some nets come with targets built in, others come with chipping holes for you to improve your short game at home. I also find this makes for a great party game at the family BBQ!

Will the practice net not take up lots of space in my garden?


Luckily not. The majority of the top golf practice nets for home are now quick to assemble and portable. Meaning you can quickly pop it up for a few shots after work. Or quickly take it down and store it away when you were supposed to be mowing the lawn!

So now you know what to look for here are the best golf practice nets available to buy right now…

Best home golf practice net for the golfer who wants ease of use

SKLZ Quickster Golf Net

Best golf practice net for golfer who wants ease of use: SKLZ Quickster


  • The SKLZ quickster comes in two different sizes. 6 x 6 feet or 8 x 8. So you can opt for a slightly larger size depending how paranoid you are about the odd wayward shot.
  • It comes with height adjustable targets for drives or chipping, which is great fun and adds a bit of a skill element rather than just hitting it as hard as you can (which is also great fun admittedly).
  • Its ultra portable, lightweight and easy to assemble. It all packs away nicely into a neat little carry case for storage. SKLZ reckon you can assemble their practice net in as little as 90 seconds, not bad!

Overall Verdict

This is a really great product, with great features and at a reasonable price. It feels well made and it feels good quality.

It really was as easy to assemble as stated, every piece is attached to the next by string so you really can’t go wrong!

The additional extras including the chipping net bring another element to this excellent golf practice net too.

Check it out!


Best golf practice net for the golfer who wants the biggest net:

IZZO The Giant Hitting Net

Best golf practice net for the golfer who wants the biggest net: Izzo giant hitting net


  • The IZZO like the SKLZ practice net comes in a couple of different sizes. 8 x 10 feet or 10 x 12 feet. So even more size and reassurance that those balls aren’t going over the fence.
  • Again it is fairly portable, with a carry bag and an easy setup and collapse system.

Overall Verdict

It is fairly portable but not as easy to assemble as the SKLZ net and it doesn’t fold down as small.

Despite this, it feels a really good quality product and if that bit of extra size is something you want, this is still a very affordable golf practice net solution.

Check it out!

Best golf practice net for the lazy golfer (like me):

Spornia Golf Practice Net

Best golf practice net for the lazy golfer: Spornia Golf Practice Net


  • The Spornia just comes in the one size 8 x 8 feet. As with the other two nets, it is portable and easy to assemble.
  • It comes with the patented automatic return system. This is essentially just a sloped surface that returns the ball to your feet, but if you are as lazy as me this is a game changer! You can adjust this to a ball stopper too if you would rather keep hitting new balls.
  • It comes with a large padded target (again patented somehow). This absorbs the ball impact and therefore nulls the sound of the ball, nice for you backyard golfing etiquette. The ground netting means it can also be used indoors without damaging your marble floor (a genuine quote from Spornia there)!

Overall Verdict

I’ll admit I’m slightly biased here, my laziness means the automatic return system makes this my favorite golf practice net on the list. The target cushions the ball nicely and then it will roll back right to your feet.

It definitely feels the most sturdy of the nets and comes with side netting making it feel substantial.

It may not come with as many features as the SKLZ but if driving is your focus this is probably the practice net for you.

Check it out!