Top 5 coolest and most unusual driving ranges in the world!

Feature Image Photo of The Hanoi Club Hotel & Lake Palais Residences is courtesy of TripAdvisor



Last week we discussed how you these days you can now (for under $100)  bring the driving range into your own backyard. Well, it is still recommended that you leave the house every now and then to test out that new driver.  So here is a list of some cool and unusual driving ranges from around the world to keep training time interesting.

1) The Hanoi Club Hotel & Lake Palais Residences – Vietnam


A few kilometers north of Hanoi city center is the Hanoi Club Hotel. Here when taking a break out from sightseeing in beautiful Vietnam, one can smash a few balls into the West Lake. Now that’s what I call a water hazard!

This photo of The Hanoi Club Hotel & Lake Palais Residences is courtesy of TripAdvisor

2) The Imperial Palace Seoul – South Korea


Just a quick 4-hour flight south-west from Hanoi and there is a place you can take your golf to another level! That level being the roof of course. At the imperial palace in Seoul, golfers have the opportunity to practice a few long irons all the way up on top of the building. Probably want to try and avoid hitting birdies up here!

This photo of Imperial Palace Seoul is courtesy of TripAdvisor

3) TopGolf – Las Vegas (and elsewhere)


You have probably heard of TopGolf driving ranges, the company is expanding faster than my waistline! But we couldn’t do a list of cool and unusual driving ranges without including these guys! The range has light up targets and golf balls are microchipped so you can track exactly where it goes. The venues have food and drink so you can turn a trip here into a fun night out and not just an excuse to improve the long game!

4) Huka Valley Prawn Park – New Zealand


Yes, you did indeed read that correctly. At the Huka Valley Prawn Park (which is an entire park dedicated to the tasty crustaceans), you can take a break from all the other prawn related fun and games to hit some balls into the prawn farm. Let’s hope the shock of all those golf balls doesn’t ruin the taste!

Sadly after writing this, I have discovered the driving range is no more :(. But I will leave it here in the hope the owners see this and decide to bring it back!

This photo of Huka Valley Prawn Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

5) Aroma Wilshire Center – Los Angeles


Head to Koreatown in Los Angeles for one of the most bizarre driving ranges we’ve ever seen. Here you get to park your car directly below the driving range. So if you like to keep an eye on your car whilst practicing. Or if you like the thrill of the only thing stopping a ball smashing through your new rides windscreen is a thin piece of netting then look no further!


unusual driving range

This photo of the Aroma Wilshire Center is courtesy of TripAdvisor


If you’ve played golf at any strange or unusual places around the world let me know and I’ll add it to the list!