Top Golf Travel Blogs: From Duty Free To The Tee

top golf travel blogs



You may have gathered by now that I am not only a big fan of golf, but also a big fan of golf travel. The idea of exploring the globe with your golf travel bag in tow is an exciting one to me, it allows one to combine the relaxing holiday activity of golf and the sights and sounds of almost any country you can think of.

As you may have seen, I have begun to post articles about golf travel, focussing firstly on winter golf destinations, for those of us in the northern hemisphere looking for some winter golf sun. But I have been lead to this point by many brilliant golf travel blogs that have gone before me. I have taken inspiration from these and traveled to many of the countries mentioned on many great trips. As I can’t write 10 articles on golf travel every week I decided to post a list of my top golf travel blogs out there right now so you can get even more inspiration of where to go next!

The Golf Travel Guru


Ed the self-confessed ‘golf travel guru’ claims he has earned the prestigious title of a guru by traveling around the world playing golf for the past 3 decades. Ed is also an experienced travel writer and plied his trade in Europe for a while writing for American travel publications before moving on to golf travel writing in the 1980’s.

The golf guru is an excellent golf travel blog that posts regularly, still till this day. My favorite features he does are the ‘on location’ posts where you will be virtually guided around the features of a top resort. The posts tell you a little background about the resort, a review of the course or courses, accommodation, restaurants and even things to do nearby.

On his advice page you will find the top five tips (which are invaluable when you want some quick golf travel advice) along with a list of the guru’s top 20 North American resorts, top 10 international resorts and links to the best golf package specialists in the business.


Check it out here!


Bob around the world


Our next excellent golf travel blog is ‘Bob around the world’. Run by happy smiley couple Liane and Lars, the blog captures the adventures around the globe of the two of them and their loveable golf ball mascot BoB!

Not just a catalog of their travels, the two golf enthusiasts want to also inspire a lifestyle change in their readers and get everyone traveling and enjoying the world just like they do. They claim to have traveled for 2 years now. Which I have to say appeals to me massively and I will be paying close attention to their advice. There are blog articles including how to save over $16,000 to travel the world and how to stop dreaming and get started!

The link to golf (apart from the fact they travel with a golf ball mascot) is that Lars is also a keen golfer. The blog has reviews of courses he has played around the world including places as exotic as Phuket and Bolivia.

One of my favorite features of this golf travel blog has to be the pictures of BoB at various locations around the world. You can’t help but smile, feel inspired, and probably a little jealous when a golf ball appears to be having an incredible life traveling the globe. He’s been spotted from the beaches of Mexico to the Incan ruins in Peru!

Unfortunately, the guys haven’t posted since 2015 🙁 but I hope they may start again at some point (nudge nudge!). Nevertheless, the site is a great archive of travel tips, golf reviews and just general feel good fun! A top golf travel blog!


Check it out here!


Golf Course Gurus



Not to be confused with the Golf Travel Guru mentioned previously (so many gurus!). This blog has made it onto my list primarily for their excellent photography. I’m a bit of a novice photographer myself and I find the photos on this site very inspiring. There is nothing to get you more excited about jetting off around the world than HD images of pristine green fairways!

Boasting no less than 14 blog writers! A wide breadth of knowledge is drawn upon. The majority of the content focuses on golf courses across the USA with occasional content on elsewhere. But let’s be honest, you could write for several lifetimes on the amazing courses and resorts of America alone!

Course reviews pages are nicely set out and just the right length (no content for content’s sake here). You will get some nice facts, photos, some stats and some analysis on the top holes.

Elsewhere on the website in the rankings section, you get some cool lists including the top 100 (yes 100!) courses. And even the best 100 holes. Plenty of inspiration and an excellent golf travel blog to keep an eye on.


Check it out here!


Canadian Golf Traveller


You may have heard of Brian Kendall already. He is one of Canada’s most well-known golf journalists and author of no less than 6 books on the subject. So when you head to Brian’s golf travel blog you know you are going to get some quality advice!

Out of all the blogs mentioned here, I have to say this one wins the title of the most globe covered. Europe, the middle east, the far east and much more are all covered if you dig into the archives.

My favorite section of the site is the ‘golf road trips’. A really useful set of articles where you can get some great insights and will whet the imagination when planning your next trip.


Check it out here!


So there you have it a few top golf travel blogs to get started with and to help you get inspired to plan your next trip! And keep an eye on my websites travel section for more articles as I post them :).